Friday 10 March 2023 9am

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Umbraco Spark innovation conference is a must for all Umbraco developers that want to find out what's going on with Umbraco. Focusing on development, innovation and forward-thinking.

Umbraco Spark is back on 10th March 2023! Buy your tickets now. 

Fri 10 Mar 23 9am

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Bristol will play host to the third Umbraco Spark Innovation Conference! With innovative and exciting talks from some of Umbraco's biggest names, two tracks and an after-party, what more could you want on a Friday in March?! We are currently building up an incredible lineup. Check out some of the great speakers we already have confirmed below:

If you are interested in being a speaker at Spark 2023 then we'd love to hear from you. You can submit your idea for a talk here

    • Lotte Pitcher

      .NET developer / Umbraco MVP,

      "Why everyone should be an Umbraco package developer"

      Packages are essential to the Umbraco ecosystem and, whilst this might be news to you, everyone can get involved. In this talk, I'll share my recent experiences from package idea to implementation and release: the gotchas that tripped me up and the community stalwarts who helped immensely. Let’s lower the barriers to entry and explore some new ideas and tools that encourage collaboration, prevent duplication and benefit us all.

    • Lee Kelleher

      Umbraco Collaborator, Gibe Digital

      Joint talk: "Playmaker: Dances with Wolves"

      In this session, Lee and Luke will show you how Playmaker was achieved using Wolverhampton Wanderers football club as our Playmaker pioneer; migrating content from Umbraco 7 to the latest version, delivering a delightful CMS back office experience, along with pluggable integrations for 3rd party services offering eCommerce, single sign-on, game statistics and live streaming video.


      Luke Hook

      Senior backend developer, Gibe Digital

    • Neil Clark

      Planet Officer and Service Design Lead, TPXimpact

      Joint talk: "A sustainable approach to the web"

      The web is for everyone, just like the planet we live on. In this talk, we'll look at sustainable development practices with a wide range of examples as to how to reduce and measure the carbon impact of your websites. From optimising images to font delivery to choosing the right hosting. It can all make a difference, not just for the environment but also for our users who ultimately get a better experience.


      Thomas Morris

      Technical Lead, TPXimpact

    • Callum Whyte

      Umbraco MVP & Microsoft MVP, Bump Digital

      "Umbraco Anywhere"

      Umbraco has always been flexible – but now with true cross-platform support in Umbraco 10 it’s potential has been unchained! Let’s explore everything from the practical to the absolutely mind-blowing ways you can run Umbraco anywhere!

    • Jacob Overgaard

      Frontend Teamlead & Architect, Umbraco

      Joint talk: "The new Backoffice of Umbraco"

      In this session, we’ll show you the latest status of the Umbraco version 13 project - including some of the implementation details. We’ll show how we use the Extension API ourselves for the core functionality, and as this is the very same way it can be extended by external developers - hopefully, this will give you some early ideas on, what to look forward to when extending the new Umbraco Backoffice in the future.


      Lasse Fredslund

      CMS Product Owner, Umbraco

    • Ravi Motha

      Developer, DotCentric

      "How do you choose which new technology for your projects"

      We will look at the decision-making process and how to avoid common pratfalls that can dog your project by making the wrong decision. We will focus on how developers and project owners can contribute to making the best decision.

Why. What's in it for you?

  • 2 tracks of innovative and inspiring top tier talks
  • The epic Umbraco Spark notebook
  • An Umbraco Spark t-shirt
  • Tea / coffee
  • Lunch
  • Beers at the end of the day
  • Evening social - near M Shed


The M Shed, located on the harbourside, is a 5 minute walk from the city centre, or a 20 minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station. To find out more about getting to the M Shed, visit the M Shed directions page.

Fri / 10 Mar 23 / 9AM
Umbraco Spark. Conference
M Shed Bristol, BS1 4RN
9am - 11pm