Friday 22 March 2019 9am

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The inaugural Umbraco Spark innovation conference takes place on Friday 22nd March 2019, at the M Shed in Bristol. This official conference is a must for all Umbraco developers that want to find out what's going on with Umbraco in 2019. 

Focusing on innovation and forward thinking, we will cover topics such as Umbraco Headless, .Net Core, Machine Learning / AI, personalisation, mobile apps, content as a service, and digital assistants.


Umbraco Spark innovation conference focuses on one core content track of top class talks from some of Umbraco's biggest names. 

  • Track 01

    Track 01 content will be some of the most innovative and interesting topics you'll want to hear about, giving you ideas and tools for 2019 and beyond.

    The complete line up is coming soon, in the mean time here are some of our speakers... 

    Pete Duncanson

    Managing Director, Offroadcode

    Lee Kelleher

    Umbraco Specialist, Umbrella Inc

    Callum Whyte

    Umbraco MVP, Master and senior developer,

    Steve Temple

    Technical Director, Gibe Digital

  • Track 02

    Track 02 will focus on talks submitted from the community. Many of us are doing exciting things with Umbraco every day, so here is the opportunity to talk about it. Whether you want to share your excitement and new discovery, get feedback on a new project or discuss the diversities of Umbraco, this is your chance. Slots are filling up. If you are interested in presenting at Umbraco Spark, you can submit a talk and we will be in touch.

    • Callum Whyte

      Umbraco MVP, Master and senior developer,

      umbraCoffee Live.

      Callum Whyte will be hosting a live session of umbraCoffee direct from the Umbraco Spark conference at 1130am. Come join us in track 02 for this panel discussion where Callum will chat to speakers and attendees about the event and Umbraco innovation.

    • The Serverside Headless CMS.

      We took the ideas of headless and applied the same principles to server-side Umbraco websites, removing the need for client-side applications such as React, Angular or Vue but retaining all the benefits of complete separation. Why would we do this? Because being headless has many advantages but sometimes using a Javascript framework would either complicate or reduce the effectiveness of a site, e.g. SEO in e-commerce sites. By using Umbraco to do all the engineering; routing, state management, rendering etc, it makes this way of separating very simple to implement and understand. 
      The result is a new and exciting way of working with Umbraco.
    • Umbraco GraphQL in the Wild.

      A short talk about how the community-driven Umbraco GraphQL package could be extended to resolve and serve custom property data types to the API. This talk will include some background to getting started with the Umbraco and GraphQL combination and how to make the most of the powerful querying functionality that GraphQL can offer.

    • Anthony Dang

      Head of Technology, The Cogworks Ltd

      Cache me outside. How 'bout dat!.

      How often have you needed to tell a client that the problem was cache? How often have you waited 1hr for the cache to clear, only for your hypothesis to be proven incorrect? Caching can be your best-friend or your worst best-friend. A poor cache implementation can mean the difference between experiencing blazing fast performance or unexplained random slowness, or both! It can even result in random stale (out of date) content which you can't explain.

      In this talk we will compare different caching methodologies, and their perceived real world uses. We will discuss Donut cache, Memory cache, Redis, Varnish, CDNs, and many more. At the end of this talk you may be none the wiser about which caching methodology is best for your situation. However you will probably realise one thing... You have a caching bug in your code.

Why. What's in it for you?

  • 1 track of innovative and inspiring top tier talks
  • 1 track of awesome community talks
  • An Umbraco Spark t-shirt
  • Tea / coffee
  • Lunch
  • Beers at the end of the day
  • Evening social - near M Shed


The M Shed, located on the harbourside, is a 5 minute walk from the city centre, or a 20 minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station. To find out more about getting to the M Shed, visit the M Shed directions page.

Fri / 22 Mar 19 / 9AM
Umbraco Spark. Conference
M Shed Bristol, BS1 4RN
9am - 11pm

Submit a talk.

We will be hosting a second track where you can talk about what you have been doing with Umbraco that is innovative or interesting. This may be a talk you've previously done at a community meetup or we might be your first audience. Either way, if you would like to have a 15 / 30 minute slot to talk about cool stuff, submit your talk below!

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